St Albans Half Marathod Festival

The St Albans Half Marathon Festival takes place on the 12 th of June in 2016 and this is a race that has been named as one of the friendliest running events in the whole of the United Kingdom. There is still a chance for people to show off their competitive spirit but if you are looking to raise money for charity, get fit or just have some fun, you'll find that the range of events and races on the day will ensure that there is something for everyone. There is also the fact that the St Albans Half Marathon is the one race where you receive an ice lolly at the finishing line, which is definitely one of the coolest ways you can complete a race!

St Albans Half Marathod Festival 2015 St Albans Half Marathod Festival

There is a great sense of local pride in the fact that the festival provides something for people of all ages and of all abilities. Whether you are looking to raise money or awareness or a great cause, beat your personal best or just ensure that you and your loved ones lead a more active and healthier lifestyle, this is an event that the whole of St Albans, and surrounding areas, can rally around.

See the sights of St Albans in the best possible way

While the race is a great way to get fit and to help a great cause, the event itself will provide you with a chance to see St Albans in a new way. If you don't take the time to look up or around you every so often, you can miss a lot of what is on offer in St Albans. With the various races taking you around some of the most stunning sights and destinations in St Albans, the race will help you appreciate the local area even more.

The races on offer at the St Albans Half Marathon festival include:

In 2015, more than 6,600 people were involved in the races and this helped to raise over £25,000 for charities in and around St Albans. The St Albans Half Marathon Festival has been running for 35 years, and it is an important feature in the local calendar. This is an event that encourages a great sense of community spirit, which means that many people like to get involved. If you help or support a local community group, getting involved with the big event may be the ideal way to raise funds and awareness for your group.

As you would expect, this is a big day in St Albans and you don't want to be worried about finding a parking space. However, you may have belongings you need to take with you, so the most sensible way to get ready for the big event is to arrive by taxi. Booking a St Albans taxi service will ensure that you arrive in plenty of time to warm up and get ready to do your best in the race of your choosing.