Points of Interest

While there are more than enough attractions and stunning sights on offer in St Albans to keep you occupied, we know that many people are looking to see the wider area during their time here.

This is why St Albans Drivr is delighted to help you explore the various towns and cities situated around St Albans. If you are keen to see more during your stay in the local area, get in touch and we'll gladly take you on a tour or two.

  • London Colney

    London Colney

    Located on Junction 22 of the M25, it could be easy for some people to overlook London Colney, but to do so would be to miss out on a village with great charm and pleasant surroundings. At the time of the 2001 census, the population stood at 7,742.

    Its close proximity to St Albans leads many people to refer to London Colney as a satellite area but with quaint English homes, plenty of sporting clubs and a pub or two, it is a great place to stay and visit.

  • Park Street, St Albans

    Park Street

    At just over 2 miles from St Albans, Park Street has three main parks, a village hall and a mill, which now serves as an office block. It is an area that has many of the traditional aspects and venues you'd expect from a traditional village, but which are being used in a modern way.

    With a number of main roads leading in and around the area and the Park Street Railway Station, getting out and about in Park Street couldn't be easier and there is plenty to see and do in the local area.

  • Colney Heath, St Albans

    Colney Heath

    The atmosphere in the village of Colney Heath is exactly the sort of atmosphere you'd expect from a small village, but this is a local area with plenty of stunning buildings and a number of local attractions to enjoy.

    Anyone looking to tour the villages of St Albans should have Colney Heath on their list of things to do, and if you want to see what this pleasant area has to offer, make sure you turn to St Albans Drivr for the best way to travel.

  • Sandridge

    Anyone looking for an area with a sense of history and excitement will find that Sandridge is a must- see destination in St Albans. This is because the last fights and skirmishes of the Second Battle of St Albans took place here in 1461.

    With a village church dating back to 1141 and at least three pubs in the local area, there are attractive and enticing buildings on offer, no matter what you are looking to enjoy during your time in Sandridge.

  • Bricket Wood

    The development of the Bricket Wood Train Station in 1861 transformed the local area, bringing it to life and starting the building process which is still on-going today. While Bricket Wood serves as a good commuter base, it has plenty of charm in its own right.

    The village has a very interesting history, at times welcoming groups as diverse as Wiccans and naturists. You may not see these groups in their element on a present day but St Albans Drivr will help you see the very best of Bricket Wood.