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If you only have a limited amount of time in St Albans, or you want to make sure you that you make the most use of your leisure time, you want to know the best things in offer in the local area.

At St Albans Drivr, we know the local area and we can help you find the best things on offer in the local community. No matter what your interests are or what you are looking to enjoy in your free time, let St Albans Drivr provide you with the very best of St Albans.

  • Best Bars in St Albans

    Best Bars

    It will not come as a shock to learn that St Albans has a great selection of bars and no matter what sort of night out appeals to you, we are sure that there will be something to your tastes and needs in St Albans.

    We provide you with the very best bars in St Albans so if you are looking to plan ahead and have a great day or night, we can help. Whether you are heading out on a date, with friends or you want a big night, St Albans Drivr will provide you with the best bars in the local area.

  • Lake restaurant, Best places to eat in St Albans

    Best Place To Eat

    There is always time to enjoy a meal in St Albans but with so many reputable restaurants in the local area, it can be difficult to know what the best option for your needs is. At St Albans Drivr, we are well acquainted with the greatest selection of restaurants in the local area.

    With a number of main roads leading in and around the area and the Park Street Railway Station, getting out and about in Park Street couldn't be easier and there is plenty to see and do in the local area.

  • Best Sports Clubs

    With more and more people looking for sporting activities and ways to stay fit, it is important that you know the best sports clubs on offer in St Albans. At St Albans Drivr, we've helped plenty of people to look through the best sports clubs to find the club that is best suited to their needs.

    We know that some people engage in sport to stay fit, to lose weight, to be sociable, to meet new people, to stay active and a whole host of reasons. No matter the reason you have in looking for a new sports club, let St Albans Drivr help you find the most relevant sports club for your needs.

  • Best Walking and Cycling Tours

    While we aim to help you get around St Albans with ease and comfort, we know that there are times when people are looking for walking and cycling tours in St Albans. If this is something that sounds of interest to you, let St Albans Drivr help you find the best tours for your needs.

    Whether you are looking for the best walking and cycling tours for fitness, to walk with friends or a loved one or just to see more of the stunning surroundings in the local area, let St Albans Drivr provide you with the finest tours in the local area.