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Smartphone app that delivers powerful features

St Albans app for local taxi

At St. Albans Drivr, we're proud to be the area's top-ranked taxi service. Our professional drivers offer not only convenience and comfort, but peace of mind. We couple our professional edge with a state of the art smartphone app that delivers powerful features for our customers.

  • Drivr App Features

    It's more important than ever for consumers to be informed and in control. At St. Albans Drivr, we deliver outstanding solutions to your transportation needs, but also understand how vital it is that you feel safe and secure at all times. Our Drivr app is an ideal solution for both requirements.

  • Book Ahead of Time

    Know when and where you'll be going? Use our handy app top re-book your travel. Just let us know when you need to be picked up and where you want to be dropped off. It's really as simple as that. We're committed to ensuring that you enjoy the safest, most convenient experience possible.

  • Always Flat Rates for Airport and Other Travel

    We never charge variable rates for airport transfers or any other travel. Just enter your destination in the Drivr app and we'll provide you with a simple, flat rate for your transportation. We help you save money and avoid hassles.

  • Book Your Travel

    There's no need to call and speak with one of our operators (although our call centre is available 24 hours per day). Simply open the Drivr app, and request a car. We even let you choose the type of car needed to ensure that you and your group can travel in comfort.

  • Tracking

    Our app provides a real-time map on which you can track your driver before arrival, as well as during transport. This ensures that you always know where your taxi is, where you're heading and more. That means safety, peace of mind and security at all times.

  • Security

    As the threat of information theft increases, it has become more important to ensure that mobile payment solutions are secured. Our app utilises cutting edge encryption technology to allow you to pay right from the app with your credit card or corporate account. We'll email all of your receipts right to your inbox so you never have to worry about organising paperwork, losing your paper copy or dealing with cash.

  • Rate Your Driver

    At St. Albans Drivr, we value your feedback. We've made it as simple as possible to rate your driver from the app after the trip to help us improve our service. Make us accountable for our service.

  • Score Free Trips

    Get your personal voucher code and enter it in the Drivr app to win free trips. Earn credits by using your voucher code, and invite friends to earn more.

    We invite you to experience the difference St. Albans Drivr can make in your travel today.